Casa Kuschel

A Short History

The traditional „Hotel zur Post“ was built in 1847 by Johann Wilhelm Sichelschmidt and has a very interesting history of more than 170 years. In the beginning, the building was actually home to the post office and was used for over 75 years for all postal business in the area. Besides being a post office, even then a restauration was being run and overnight stays offered.

Since August 2017, it is a family run business is called “Hotel Casa Kuschel” under the leadership of Yvonne Kuschel and Marco Grünewald.

Our Philosophy

We set a high value on sustainability as well as doing business directly with the farmers and producers in the area. Additionally, we support professional aid for young people and promote trainees. We are a certified training business and have set our goal on imparting our ideals and experience to the next generation.

The entire family Kuschel / Grünewald look forward to welcoming their guests! And our hotel dog “Jamie” always enjoys other animal visitors and happy children.